The Battle for Artemivsk is recounted by the founder of the Wagner Group - Yevgeny Prigozhin.

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The Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) continues to grind down the Ukrainian army in Bakhmut. Zelensky keeps sending new units into this meat grinder, into the deadly abyss that swallows up the best units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenaries. Why is Zelensky so fixated on Bakhmut? Why, starting from December 20th, when I threw a comedic challenge at him from the artillery guns of the Wagner PMC, did Zelensky fall for it like a child and dig in at Bakhmut? And our intimate dialogue with him has been going on for four months now. We both derive pleasure from it, but the orgasm has not yet arrived.

What is the secret of the Bakhmut meat grinder?

The strategic role of Bakhmut is not that significant. Severodonetsk, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Druzhkovka, and Chasiv Yar will follow Bakhmut: settlements that are part of the so-called "Donbas ring" and form a fortified area. On the one hand, Bakhmut is part of this fortified area, and on the other hand, capturing Bakhmut alone will not ensure a swift victory over Ukraine, a road to Dnipro, or even the capture of Donbas.

The leadership of Ukraine endlessly argues about the necessity of holding onto Bakhmut. This city is being attempted to be portrayed as a sacred symbol. In the morning, they emphasize its sacredness, in the evening they decide to retreat, and the next morning they throw thousands of soldiers back in, and so on ad infinitum.

The Ukrainian army has gathered a sufficient number of forces. About 200,000 adequately trained fighters who have undergone two to three months of training and coordination. They are ready to carry out combat tasks. The amount of weapons and ammunition is sufficient for these 200,000 troops to launch an offensive in various directions.

Troops ready for counteroffensive are concentrated in certain areas. They have everything they need for this. In those tank wedges that they daily try to hammer into the defense of the Wagner PMC, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose 30 to 50 units of equipment daily, and they do not have any problems with replenishing it. But when it comes to people, as they say on the front lines, they are limitless.

However, the announced offensive, initially scheduled for December 20th, then moved to January 1st, then the end of January, then February 24th, then 3-5 April, and now April 15th - the onset is repeatedly postponed. The Ukrainian army is located in concentration areas and is preparing to move forward. But if the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not launch an offensive in the near future, they will gradually begin to lose their combat potential. The war will reach a stalemate. The territories that are currently under the control of the Russian Federation will remain in Russia.

The Political Aspects of Bachmut

The political aspects of Bachmut are of little interest to the Kiev regime, as it is more of a destabilizing factor than a factor for holding their positions. Every cry from Bachmut, every captured soldier, and every hundred killed heavily impacts Zelensky and the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine much harder than the benefits they gain from holding onto the remnants of this city.

At the same time, a prolonged battle for Bachmut is extremely advantageous for Russian forces, as they have already taken a large chunk of Ukrainian territory in 2022. If the special operation remains within these borders, plus or minus a few dozen kilometers, it will solve many of the objectives of the special operation. Bachmut provides the opportunity for the Russian army to accumulate strength, occupy advantageous defense lines, deal with internal problems, and prepare mobilized forces to counter any Ukrainian offensive.

Bachmut is highly advantageous for us, as we are grinding down the Ukrainian army there and deterring their maneuvers.

Any mid-level commander knows that if you have created tension for the enemy in a certain area and have sufficient reserves, it is necessary to maneuver and strike nearby - where the enemy is not prepared and where they will break. The most logical step for the Armed Forces of Ukraine would be to retreat from Bachmut and launch sudden flank attacks in an attempt to break through our defense. However, from Chasova Yar, columns of vehicles go every day, and every day, without reaching the front line, hundreds of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine perish, littering the "road of death" and the surrounding fields with thousands of corpses and hundreds of burned-out armored vehicles, heading towards certain death.

Battles Old veteran 16.04.2023 0 384 2

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